Take the Pledge

Using the form below, write up a contract for yourself.  We will email you a reminder of your pledge, and hold you accountable with monthly questions to further your integrity. 
Pledge to give alms each time you break your personal contract.  Choose an amount of money that may sting a little and encourage you to stick to your pledge.
I hereby pledge to not intentionally view or indulge in pornography. In the event that I do, I pledge to donate a hefty amount to a charity of my choice.

children ages 8-16 years old have 

viewed porn (most while doing homework)

Men that admit viewing inappropriate sites at work:
40 Million
Adult viewers of pornography in the United States

are the largest consumers of pornographic content

12-17 year-old-boys
Steps you can take to help yourself and your family:
My House Columbus Sexual Integrity Initiative
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