The My House Initiative is devoted to helping married couples experience better intimacy and protecting families from pornography.  One of the best paths to stronger marriages, happier families, and more joy is a collection of new teachings on sexuality called the Theology of the Body, which is being called a “new sexual revolution.”

If you or someone you love struggles with pornography, you are not alone, and there is hope!  There are a variety of support groups, men’s & women’s ministries, counselors, spiritual directors, and other resources for long-term freedom.


We pray that God’s glorious plan for love and sexuality will continue to spread to other families, churches, and individuals.  We also pray that the thousands of people who are waiting to be rescued from the pornography industry will find hope and healing.

Though pornography and sexual brokenness are tearing apart millions of couples and families, the practical information on this site along with the new vision of sexuality are giving hope and joy to many.

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My House Columbus Sexual Integrity Initiative
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