Promoting Health and Wellness in the Catholic Community of Columbus, Ohio

The Catholic community of Columbus, Ohio is devoted to advancing health and wellness initiatives that benefit its members. From providing nutritional advice and HIV education to offering access to care and child health programs, the Diocese of Columbus is committed to helping its residents lead healthier lives. The Diocese of Columbus provides nutritional guidelines, food pyramids, charts, and suggestions for healthy foods to support wellbeing objectives related to nutrition. These messages are displayed in or near the cafeteria at Holy Spirit Catholic School, as well as in classrooms.

The school also has a Wellness Policy that recognizes the importance of spiritually educating the whole child. Ohio Dominican University is another institution that promotes health and wellness initiatives in the Columbus area. The university is committed to acting justly and educating students to become ethical and effective leaders in global society. It offers programs and activities that engage the community in opportunities to promote peace and justice in the world.

Ohio Dominican also provides HIV education to individuals and organizations. Licensed HIV intervention social workers offer support, counseling, and more information about HIV testing and care. Confidential and anonymous testing is available at the Sexual Health Clinic or community sites in Columbus. In addition, Ohio Dominican offers child health programs to promote healthy pregnancies and babies for Columbus residents, especially those at high risk.

The university also has three worship spaces on campus (the Kable Chapel at the Kerns Religious Life Center, as well as the Schenk Chapel and the Gloria Dei worship center at the Trinity Lutheran Seminary) that can be booked for group events through Meeting and Event Services.

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