Celebrating Italian Culture in Columbus, Ohio: The Most Popular Catholic Festivals

Columbus, Ohio is home to a vibrant Italian community, and every year they come together to celebrate their culture and heritage at the Columbus Italian Festival. This popular event has been held annually since 1999, and it now attracts more than 35,000 visitors each year. It takes place on the grounds of the St. John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church, and it is a three-day celebration of Italian food, entertainment, and culture. The festival offers free parking on the baseball field just east of the church grounds on Thomas Lane, as well as free parking at Kenwood Elementary School on Shattuck Avenue.

Visitors can purchase bracelets for unlimited access to inflatables and most attractions (excluding the climbing wall and mechanical bull). These bracelets are available in the back of the church after all Masses the weekend before the festival or during assembly. Live music is featured every night at two locations: the west end of the parish grounds near the beer truck, and on the big stage at the east end of the land in the parking lot on the lower level. The Columbus Italian Festival is just one of many Catholic festivals held in Columbus each year. Other popular events include St. Patrick's Day celebrations, Oktoberfest, and Christmas festivals.

Each event offers a unique opportunity to experience different aspects of Catholic culture and traditions. Whether you're looking for a fun day out with family or friends or an opportunity to learn more about Catholic culture, there's something for everyone at these popular Catholic festivals in Columbus, Ohio.

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