How Many Catholics Are in the Columbus Diocese? A Comprehensive Look

The Diocese of Columbus is a Catholic diocese located in central Ohio, serving more than 278,000 Catholics across 108 churches in 23 counties. With a long and rich history, the diocese has been a cornerstone of the Catholic faith in Ohio since its establishment in 1821. The first Catholic chapel in Ohio was a log structure in Perry County, dedicated in 1818 by then-Reverend Edward Fenwick. In 1837, the diocese sent a resident pastor, Reverend Henry Juncker, to cover the Columbus and Chillicothe areas. After celebrating Mass in a house on Canal Street on June 5, Purcell asked the Catholics present to meet to discuss the construction of a church.

Pope Leo XIII appointed Reverend John Watterson as the second bishop of Columbus in 1880. During his 19-year term, Watterson increased the number of priests and schools in the diocese, oversaw the construction of two hospitals and the Pontifical Josephinum College in Columbus, and built many new missions and parishes. Ready also organized the Holy Name Society, a parent-teacher organization, the Catholic Women's Council, the Catholic Youth Council, and St. The bishop said that the influx of population could even mean the construction of new Catholic schools in parts of the diocese. When Ohio's Catholic population grew, the Vatican erected its first diocese - the Diocese of Cincinnati - on June 19, 1821. The Diocese of Columbus was erected shortly after with only three churches - all located in Columbus - Holy Cross.

The Dominican priests of Bardstown were the first missionaries and clergy in this area. In 1944, the Vatican erected the new Diocese of Steubenville in the counties of the Ohio River, on the east side of the Diocese of Columbus. This summer, Capuchin Franciscan priests will arrive to staff two churches in a recently merged parish. Kovaleski said that public schools in his area have larger classes and fewer resources than Catholic schools. As such, he believes that an influx of population could even mean that new Catholic schools will be constructed in some parts of this diocese. The Diocese of Columbus is home to many churches including Mary of the Assumption, Lancaster; San Colmán de Cloyne; Washington Courthouse; San Pedro; 26 Paul; Glenmont; Holy Trinity; JacksonsTS Vernon Ascension Church; Johnstown Church of the Blessed Sacrament; Newark; Our Lady of the Mount; Simon & Jude; West Jefferson; St. Thomas Aquinas; Zanesville Church of the Atonement; Holy Trinity of Crooksville; Somerset St.

Peter; Chillico The Holy Redeemer; Portsmouth Holy Trinity; West Portsmouth Our Lady of Lourdes (closed); Otway (closed); Our Lady of Sorrows (closed); Saint Peter in Chains; Wheelersburg Holy Trinity; Bolivar Immaculate Conception and Sacred Heart of Dennison. The Diocese is also home to several religious organizations such as Daughters of St. Mary of the Heart of Jesus - a group that serves girls and young people - as well as Saints New Philadelphia East.

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